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What is TruElite?

We provide girls ages 3rd through High School with the tools they need to become elite athletes. Our certified and experienced coaches use a combination of skills camps, intense practices, individual training, and mental toughness training to help your athlete succeed. We believe that our family culture combined with our elite training will take your athlete to the next level. We are a basketball training academy that focuses on developing players on and off the court. Developing tomorrow's leaders today is what we stand for and what we live by. We have 4 main focuses for our athletes:

  • CONFIDENCE: In yourself and your abilities. 

  • COMMITMENT: To your team, your sport, and yourself. 

  • CONTROL: Of your thoughts, feelings, and actions. 

  • CHALLENGE: Accepting all challenges as opportunities NOT threats.

What is a TruElite clinic?

  • TruElite Clinics are 60-minute high-intensity, game-speed skill development sessions that break down all aspects of the game of basketball (Advanced Ball Handling, Specialized Moves, Passing, Conditioning, Defense, Shooting, Finishing & Team Philosophies).

What is a TruElite clinic membership?

TruElite Clinic Membership includes 1 clinic per week, plus:

  • TruElite Certified Coaches & Trainers

  • Access To Private Training & Special Events

  • Priority Selection For TruElite Teams

  • Individual Skill Evaluations 

  • Access to TruElite mobile app

  • Weekly Updates & Reminders For All TruElite Events

How much does a TruElite membership cost?

  • 1 Clinic Per Week - $95.00 per month

  • 1 Mental Toughness Training Per week - $100 per month

  • 1 Clinic & Mental Toughness Training Per Week - $180 per month

More information on TruElite Clinic Membership at

More information on Mental Toughness Training Membership at or

How long does a membership last?

TruElite Memberships are continuous, recurring memberships that incur an automatic monthly fee. Memberships continue year-round until the parent/member cancels, suspends, or modifies the account. A “month” for membership is 30 days from the date of payment, not a calendar month.

Cancel my membership & refund policy?

Clinic Membership accounts can be upgraded, downgraded, paused, canceled, or restarted at any time. Members modify plans themselves or request TruElite to make changes directly. Upon cancellation, all players can finish out the current month. There is a "NO REFUND" policy for all TruElite Team Packages. Early cancellation will result in an automatic charge to the credit card to fulfill the payment. 

Does TruElite offer any discounts on your memberships?

Yes. We do provide sibling discounts when multiple players from the same family are participating at the same time.

We also have a “Membership Adjustment Form” which all families are eligible for. It’s a brief form to adjust your monthly payment to the cost you can afford for your athletes. TruElite Basketball Academy never wants to leave an athlete behind. We understand families have multiple kids and play multiple sports. This allows all athletes to still participate in our academy at an affordable rate. Please do not allow finances to be the reason your athlete is not a part of our family.


Go to this link to adjust your package or contact

When does the season start/end?

 TruElite is a year-round organization that includes all four seasons: Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer. We provide ALL programs throughout the year with brief intermission between seasons or for major holidays.

Do you have Teams?

Yes. We have competitive & club teams for all girls grades 3rd-High School. All teams are trained and coached by TruElite's certified coaches within competitive leagues and/or tournament play. We have teams for every competition level; recreational, competitive, and travel level.

We have evaluations for team/league play each season to select players for their appropriate level.


More information on our seasonal evaluations can be found at

Do you have leagues?

No! We currently do not run our own league, however, we participate in local leagues and tournaments throughout the Tri-Cities Area. This allows us to challenge these young athletes so they can reach their full growth and potential.

What are the ages?

We train/coach girls, 3rd Grade - High School.

Can my child participate if she is fairly new to basketball?

Absolutely! We encourage beginners to attend all clinics and join teams to enhance their skill set. All clinics and teams are created to adjust according to the athlete’s capabilities and skill set.


Why haven’t I been receiving information about Truelite?

If you haven’t been receiving emails, they’re most likely in your JUNK MAIL. Please check your junk and add us to your email contacts so you can continue to receive updates, promotional events, and content from TruElite.


You can always contact us directly with any questions at or 509-713-3008.

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